Serious Sam VR | The Last Hope


Serious Sam VR | The Last Hope Have you ever wondered what it's really like to be Serious Sam? Have you ever wanted to fight Mental's alien hordes with your own two hands? Well, now you can! Step into the shoes of the Earth Defense Force's greatest hero in this unique VR simulation based on Sam Stone's own log files from his time as captain of the Battlecruiser Saratoga. Experience the missions that turned Captain Stone into the legend that he is today.

Skyfront | Fly and shoot!


Skyfront Skyfront is a multiplayer FPS built exclusively for VR. Jump into our fast-paced zero-G battles and get your heart rate thumping! PS. We’re a bloodless FPS, so YES, you can play against your little sister, mom and that one really squeamish friend that freaks out every time someone mentions blood! The game features four crazy cool arenas. The distinct sizes and layouts of the arenas promote different types of gameplay, from really fast-paced and intense to more calculated and sneaky. You can also choose between traditional Single Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch game modes and the more intense team-based Domination mode.

Tales of Escape | Illusion Room


Tales of Escape | Illusion Room Tales of Escape | Illusion Room You are locked inside your mind, in your own sleep. You are an experienced bunny of a secret organization giving you hallucinogenic drugs and you are lost between dreams and reality. The security guard who guards you leaves you for 2 hours and you have to find the antidote to get back to reality and escape. However, nothing makes sense, just when you think you have found a solution, your door transports you to another universe. In this virtual escape room you will have to fight with your own logic before time runs out and sleep becomes a nightmare!

Tales of Escape | Cold As Ice


Tales of Escape | Cold As Ice Tales of Escape | Cold As Ice The story takes place in a slaughterhouse in Britain, where the elderly butcher and his wife mysteriously disappear. You wake up locked in a slaughterhouse with no way to escape, and your only choice is to find a way to open the emergency exit, meanwhile finding out who locked you up and what happened to the elderly couple.

Tales of Escape | The Mine


Tales of Escape | The Mine Tales of Escape | Стаята „Мина“ is the story of an explosion in Yokon in 1964, burying dozens of people and piles of gold. Hundreds of people have failed in their attempts to get the gold. However, you find a secret corridor that leads to the bowels of the mine, but after collapsing you are trapped below. Your only hope is to activate the old elevator before the air runs out.

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