Project Description

Dr Who | A dream come true for Doctor Who fans!

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time Coming to VR Arcades Across the World

Developers of the hotly anticipated feature length VR game Doctor Who: The Edge of Time are creating a custom LBE version of the game specifically for arcades. This gives all fans and VR enthusiasts the opportunity to visit breath-taking worlds and come face to face with classic Doctor Who monsters in arcades across the globe.

  • Travel through the iconic Doctor Who Title Sequence and Time Vortex
  • Players can explore the iconic TARDIS, a dream-come-true for Doctor Who fans!
  • Come face-to-face with Weeping Angels. A horrific nightmare come true in the VR experience; these have made a huge impact on fans so far. Be warned they are fast and frightening!
  • Pilot a Dalek through a Dalek Shooter level, fighting against drones and other iconic aliens

The game is designed for ease of use and is for players of all ages. the family favourite has over 100 million fans worldwide.